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A Bit about Design Line Furniture


After years of apprenticeship, at the age of 27 years old, Luciano founds the factory of handcrafted furniture where his brothers start to work later. They give birth to unique products, doomed to live in the years.
In a short time, Luciano had chosen some venues provided with raw materials, coming from Rome and places surrounding Rome. The wood, almost exclusively chestnut, was chosen by him in person.
He himself activated the process of seasoning that happened and still happens nowadays in a way which is totally natural.
After few years, his products were so much asked and searched that many Italian movables began to export them everywhere guaranteeing an original and fascinating quality product.
In the years 2000s, also the sons and grandsons began to work with him and to hand on the family tradition.


In January, this year, with his son Daniele, they decided to promote their products in Canada, where the quality and refinement of Italian furniture has always been appreciated. In April, Daniele visits the city of Vancouver, where he meets many interesting people. In September, their elegant idea, made up of quality and beauty, that only real artisans can offer, has taken off. We wait for you!

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